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07: Logos, http://www.logos.it

This site hosts a Multilingual Portal service: LOGOS multilingual dictionary. They say about themselves:


This freely-accessible database, compiled without any form of public contribution, is growing constantly because it's updated and corrected on line by our network of professional translators. The dictionary currently has 7.580.560 entries (total for all languages). As an ongoing and interactive project, Logos Dictionary is inevitably prone to errors and will never be complete, but with your contributions and corrections, we can improve it and expand it faster.


On-line dictionary now a multilingual search engine. With the signing of an agreement recently between the Logos Group and Lycos Europe, the capabilities of the Logos Dictionary have been expanded at a stroke. The language tool now becomes a multilingual search engine — a merger of translation and information, each function augmenting and enriching the other. .A living Dictionary that  searches for words, images and sounds.


They claim to have a living dictionary with worldwide presence.  They provide a professional service allowing professionals to use a selected thesaurus customized for each industry. We suggest you to follow its tour along the Logos group and its products.

Let’s check it. Let’s check its possibilities with a very common word in many languages, for instance: stock. It informs you about hundreds of possible uses of that word and for each potential use it offers one entry for each language where that word was used in a document written in that specific language and you may access.


Each item is identified by the flag of the country associated conventionally with the language and by the ISO code for the language. Every item is now preceded by one or more icons: dark or light blue loudspeaker, dark blue, light blue, yellow or green lamp, and blue or yellow book.



·         When a dark blue loudspeaker appears, you can activate a search for sounds associated with the word displayed. Was it "whale" you looked up? Click on the loudspeaker, and you’ll find a link that lets you hear the haunting call of this fascinating marine mammal through your speakers or ‘phones. Navigating on the "sea of information", there’ll be no lack of new ideas to discover and explore.


·         When a light blue loudspeaker appears, you can hear the displayed word or phrase pronounced correctly by a native speaker of the selected language.


·         When a dark blue lamp appears, you can activate a search for images connected with the word or phrase against which the icon appears.


·         When a light blue lamp appears, you can access a site of particular interest pertinent to the word or phrase.


·         When a yellow lamp appears, this indicates that there is a subject-specific glossary you can consult. When a green lamp appears, a green lamp signifies that the word or expression alongside is the infinite of a verb, in which case you also have a link to the Logos universal conjugator: "Verba". Click on the lamp to see the verb conjugated automatically, with all the moods, tenses, persons regular and irregular alike.


·         Blue book: Search the web: clicking on the icon, you can see all the web pages in which the selected word or phrase appears.


·         Yellow book: If you are a registered professional user, and familiar with the professional area of the Dictionary , simply click on the yellow icon to access translated material indexed by Logos for your convenience in the Professional Wordtheque.


Note: The Wordtheque is an interface with a massive database (currently 438.429.821 words) containing multilingual novels, technical literature and translated texts. Hits are highlighted in context windows that can be expanded up or down.



They have made for Whirlpool an interesting intelligent engine that grows with the people interactivity. You may ask something of your interest in: http://www.logos.it/owa-l/dict_whirl.custom_index


Whirlpool Dictionary provides online access to networking terminology and acronyms in different languages. With Whirlpool Dictionary, you can enter any keyword or term, and the system will automatically translate it for you into the language of your choice. You may also print out the entire glossary for each of the available languages and dialects. And because the system remembers your user profile, you can access all of this information quickly and easily.